Monday, September 30, 2019

This is my recommendation for using 6 types of baby gates!

Since my eldest son was born in my home, I have been in a barrier-free apartment for 3 years and moved to the current detached house for 3 years.

There are various types of baby gates depending on the location and use.

There are 6 types of baby gates, including ready-made items and handmade!

Here are some recommended baby gates by location.

Types of baby gates

There are also types of baby gates.

With fence or door

Just put or stick-type or fixed on the wall with screws

Double lock or triple lock

Wooden or metal or polyethylene

At first I had a hard time choosing.

Recommended stick-type baby gate

The first is from a common strutstick baby gate.

I tried 4 types including handmade.

In front of the 130cm wide entrance ... handmade, just put the cloth through the two hanging rods of the clothesline, fixed type

100cm wide kitchen front ... Catoj's auto backwood baby gate 123

Under the stairs with a width of 80 centimeters ... Steel baby gate for childcare in Japan

80cm wide bedroom ... Mountain Best baby gate

This is a steel baby gate for raising children in Japan!

It is still used in the bedroom under the stairs (changed from the mountain).

Katoji's auto backwood baby gate 123 is wide and the price is reasonable, but the lock function has been loosened in about two years.

I use steel baby gates for Japanese children every day, but for now I can use them without loosening the lock.

Mountain baby gates have been discontinued. I was able to unlock it with an overseas product about 10 years ago at the age of 1 and a half.

Precautions for the stick-type baby gate

It can be said to be either Japanese childcare or Katoji, but because it is a stick type, it is adjusted once a month.

I think this is unavoidable, but it will always be relaxed or slanted.

If you leave it alone, the fence will fall down and damage the wall, so check it regularly.

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